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Solutions to EMF and Geopathic Stress Pollution in Your Home

The main aim of the Home Survey is to offer advice to assist you in reducing the level of radiation in the home.

There are frequently a number of simple inexpensive solutions that can be taken to do this immediately. These include replacing DECT phones with wired phones, switching off the router at night or hardwiring the router with Ethernet cables and switching off the wifi function. For low frequency consider switching off electrical circuits at night and fitting cut-off switches to certain circuits.

The most important aspect of advice given during a survey is how to mitigate the effects of radiation from EMFs and Geopathic Stress. As our bodies rejuvenate and recover overnight it is important to sleep in a low radiation environment.  One way to achieve this is to shield either the room or the bed, as explained below, and it is normal for clients to find their quality of sleep improves after shielding, as evidenced by many testimonials.

“If you have chronic health problems I would highly recommend you have your property surveyed by Leonard as a priority for good health!”

Jane, Dorset

“I love the end result. It (the bedroom) is truly an oasis of calm and I cannot wait to get into bed at night secure in the fact that I am free from all the draining nasties of electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress. It has a lovely and soothing energy about it now

Sam, Berkshire
(following shielding of her bedroom)

There are two main ways of creating a ‘radiation free’ sleeping environment.  The first involves shielding the whole room, the second shielding the bed.


A room can be shielded by painting the walls and ceiling with a shielding paint, placing GPA mesh on the floor, under the carpet, earthing both, and lining curtains with shielding fabric. This has the effect of dramatically reducing HF radiation entering the room from outside and also reducing LF radiation from the electrical wiring.

It may also be necessary to consider circuit cut-off switches for the lighting and bedroom socket circuits.   

If Geopathic Stress (GS) is present then a GS mat may be placed under the bed to deflect the GS around the bed.

A metal bedframe and sprung mattress should ideally be replaced with a wooden bed frame and a non-sprung mattress because metal can act as an antenna for the radiation. It can also disrupt the Earth’s geomagnetic field.

These measures dramatically reduce the levels of radiation in the bedroom.  Dr Klinghardt recommends sleeping in a room with a HF level of 5 microwatts per metre squared or less. Geovital recommend sleeping with less than 30- 50 microvolts in the body and less than 30 V/M for low frequency.

“In those 9 weeks (after geopathic stress mats were installed and the bed and
mattress were changed) my sleep improved, my pain disappeared, my blood
pressure normalised and my immune system became strong again”                                                                               

Jeanne, West Yorkshire


There are situations in which the shielding of a bedroom may not be appropriate or feasible – for example in a rented apartment. A more flexible and less costly solution may be to fit a canopy around your bed.

A Geopathic Stress mat may be used with any of the canopies (please refer to comments above).

The important things to consider when choosing a canopy is to check that it shields against both HF and LF radiation and also to check that it shields effectively at higher frequencies (8 GHz and above),

 I offer a range of canopies which meet these criteria and have been selected for their high shielding capabilities and even offer the option to RENT the canopy sets TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.

The canopy sets range is comprised of a cot/child pyramid canopy set, a single bed canopy set, a double/super king canopy set and made to order canopy sets. All sets are made from silver tulle fabric, which can change colour in time as oxidation occurs.  If stains and discolouration are unacceptable, we recommend choosing our top of the range canopy instead.

Please note that silver products have a limited durability, their lifespan depends upon how often they are moved and washed.  Neither the canopy nor the fabric contain nano-silver.

Watch a video which shows how these canopies are installed (requires four screws to the ceiling).

Canopy Details and Prices



Another possible solution that I offer, depending on the levels of radiation found during the survey, is memon® technology.

The advantages of memon® are as follows:

Following a survey consideration needs to be made of the levels of radiation found in the home, especially in the sleeping areas.  Based on those findings and the general health of the client I will then recommend the most appropriate solution, which may be shielding or memon® or a combination of the two.


As soon as the memon plug was fitted into our house and switched on, I felt an energetic shift in the house.  It felt like a clean stream in the house, this is the only way I could describe it, the energy felt cleaner. I am a healer so sensitive to energy, not everyone else would be aware of this energetic shift.  

I also no longer get hot ear on my mobile and am not as tired as before.

Feeling very grateful for these wonderful products.

Claire, London